Everyone has dreams.
I help make them come true. 

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Integrity. Focus. Quality. Results.
Jan is the owner and founder of Johnston Group International LLC.   Johnston Group International (JGI) partners with organizations to provide contract recruiting assistance. 
The most crucial decision an organization can make is who to hire.  This drives the future success of your organization.  Top recruiters understand the goals and strategies of the organization so they can deliver quality candidates to you.  I bring over 20 years of recruiting expertise to commercial and government clients.   I have a large network of cleared and uncleared professionals.

Don’t let anyone tell you that recruitment is simply a sales process.  
It is a very deliberate and purposeful approach that ends in a win-win for both the employer and employee. Quality hires are a result of uncovering the behaviors that will predict the future success for the organization. 
My philosophy to Talent Acquisition is twofold. It is rooted within aligning the acquisition of Talent to the strategy of the organization with a very strong focus on candidate relationship management. Success is defined when you can offer a candidate a fantastic career opportunity and you know the organization has hired a game changer. It must be a win-win for all and my job is to ensure that happens!
Whether you need temporary assistance or something more long-term, contact me so that I can help you succeed.