Everyone has dreams.
I help make them come true. 

Personal Development

Career Coaching

Trying to land a new job? Gunning for that next promotion? If you’re feeling a little unsure or overwhelmed with that process, coaching may be your answer. The daily stress of a job search can be exasperating and discouraging. I will help you navigate that process to success.
Career coaching helps you land your dream job and helps you overcome that dreaded feeling of being “stalled” in your career.
You own your career and coaching puts you in charge.

Sometimes called life coaching, personal development coaching helps you kickstart a personal life revolution. If you need to make changes in life, this type of coaching will give you amazing results. And, it’s fun!
You’ll increase your self-awareness, clarify your goals, raise your confidence level, and design your path forward – while crushing obstacles that can get in your way.

Personalized programs are available if you need a blend of the two programs.


Organizational Consulting and Talent Acquisition

Workshops, Webinars, and Speaking

I offer a comprehensive workshops, webinars, and virtual summits to include: Interviewing, Job Searching, Career Growth, Personal Development, Leadership, and Personal Branding.
Attendees soon discover they have everything they need to make visionary life and career changes. You just need a little help taking that first step and the workshop’s empowering messages set you on that pathway.​

​Please contact me if you would like to discuss a workshop, webinar, or to schedule a speaking event. 

The most crucial decision an organization can make is who to hire. I bring over 20 years of recruiting expertise to commercial and government clients. Please contact me to discuss my consulting services. 

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